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   I want to personally welcome you to Ballcardz.com!  I appreciate you wanting to know more about my site.  I started Ballcardz.com in 2000, while in college.  It was a very raw and hard to use site, but was getting great traffic.  After I graduated, I moved to Tampa, FL.  Shortly after the move, most of my inventory was stolen and surprisingly was not fully covered by my insurance.  The site came down, needless to say.  The site stayed down for 5 years and made a slight comeback in 2006.  This attempt was dashed by a server crash, wiping away the whole site.  That brings us to today.  Today Ballcardz.com is on a totally new and secure server.  This will allow the site to quickly and efficiently handle your browsing and purchasing needs.  I personally handle every transaction and I pride myself in giving you the best customer service available.

   My name is Matt Traylor and I'm a 30 something living near Atlanta, GA.  I have been collecting baseball cards since I was 5 years old and have nearly 1 million individual cards.  My first pack of cards was a 1987 Topps Cello pack.  Back then, Bo Jackson was my favorite player, and living near Atlanta, the Braves were my favorite team (even though they weren't good).  Now, my favorite player is Ken Griffey, Jr.  He is a class act and I have one of the biggest Ken Griffey, Jr. card and memoribilia collections in the world!  The Braves are still my team.  1991 - 2006 was the best run of division championships that any team in any sport has ever accomplished.  The Yankees could have tied it in 2008, but came up short to the Rays and Red Sox.  I am lucky to have had my team go on that type of run.

    My hobbies are playing baseball, playing with my dog and cat, watching movies, exercising, eating (those two don't go together), enjoying my saltwater reef aquarium and hanging out with my beautiful wife.  I graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Biology and love watching them play football in the Fall.  Go Tigers!!!!  While I didn't get to live my dream of being a big-league baseball player, I still play on the weekends in a semi-pro league here in Atlanta.

     I hope that you enjoyed getting to know me.  Thank you so much for your patronage.  If you ever need anything or don't see something you want, please don't hesitate to e-mail me through the site!


Matt Traylor

     Matt Traylor


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